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4 Generations

74 4 Generations

I’m not sure what’s more remarkable about this picture: four generations of Curran men all together on one davenport, or that outfit my father is sporting. The glasses, the moustache, the baggy green tank top tucked in to short plaid shorts, complete with belt… it’s really something! I think I have my next Halloween costume lined up.

Anyway, it’s part of a bunch of childhood photos my dad just sent me. This might call for a more comprehensive project.

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  1. Carmen Carmen

    oh! you are just the biggest little cutie pie in all those pics! what happened?

    p.s. dad’s shorts are scary. i don’t think you should wear those for halloween.

  2. I know! Who woulda thunk that I could transform such pure cuteness in to such volatile sexiness!

    I think this one is my favorite. We look fake.

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