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Unswell Season


The snow this year is driving me nuts. This is from the first of this season’s two “20-year” snowfalls, back when it was cool. Back when it could still possibly look pretty.

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Sharing is not really my strong suit, so I was excited when Ryan sent me this link to Ben & Jerry’s Pint Lock. A few shipping days later, and my ice cream stopped mysteriously disappearing.

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Not having wanted a dog in the first place, I was surprised by how hard I took our loss of Maeby last March. In her too-brief 22 months with us, she really endeared herself. She had tons of personality, and we will always miss her.

We adopted our new beagle, Lemon, in May – tomorrow marks three months. Hoping to have more years together this time around, we went with a younger dog – she’s probably about ten months old. As the video above shows, she can be a lot more challenging that Maeby was, but I think hope as she gets older, she’ll be just as fun.

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Grilling 6253

This sporadic blogger feels the need to post something, despite any specific news. So summer’s been going well. Our patio and grill have seen a lot of use with some thanks to Christin & Lyric and the Kesslers. Maeby’s been keeping us active, and both the dog and I are a few pounds lighter for it. I’ve been having a lot of fun with my new toy, my reading list, new things to study, and some old-school gaming.

My camera has been getting a lot of work as well, but a lot of that still sits on my computer awaiting “post-processing,” otherwise known as deleting, deleting, deleting, cropping, sharpening, and “I’m Feeling Lucky.” So when I finally get through that, there will be photos to enjoy of our continuing summer adventures, including grilling with the Bears, Minnesota wine country, and fun times at Lake Kjostad.

We also recently decided to take a long weekend in San Francisco. I’m excited to see it for the first time. If anyone has any travel tips for us, let me know.

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Insult to Injury

Wow, no posts in a month. What a terrible blogger I am. I think I’m justified this time. Frankly, January completely sucked. Hear now my saga.

On the Friday before New Year’s Eve, I woke with a terrible toothache. Despite it being her “busiest day of the year,” my dentist was nice enough squeeze me in. She determined that I needed a root canal. Yay! Unfortunately, she only had time to perform half a root canal – enough to alleviate my pain until the week after next when her schedule was more open.

That seemed to go fine until a couple of hours later – when the root canal got infected. I can’t describe how painful this was other than to say it felt like a kindey stone in my mouth (I’ve had kidney stones several times – it doesn’t get much worse). I called her emergency line, got her directly, and before too long I had some penicillin and was good as new.

Or was I? The Monday after I finished that course of antibiotics, I started to itch. I noticed two mosquito-bite sized bumps on my arm, and I couldn’t stop scratching them. By lunch time, there were three bumps. An hour or so later, there were eight. Hives! I realized that something was seriously wrong with me and went straight to the doctor. She determined that I was probably allergic to the penicillin. She told me to take Benedryll and gave me a perscription for a mild steroid in case they got worse.

I went home and rested, feeling comforted in my nice Benedryll haze, but by bedtime the hives were way, way worse. Imagine a five inch raised, red bump on your thigh that itches like nothing else. I had those in at least five or six spots on my body. Taking the steroid seemed to make them mostly go away by the next morning, and by Wednesday I could barely tell they had been there at all.

Feeling energized by that, I decided to finish the painting that I had started the weekend prior. I didn’t mind the work, and I sure liked the results: transforming the hideous aquarium-themed nursery into a nice, relaxing home office. I was painting without a mask, and with the doors and windows shut no less. It’s great how they’ve paint not smell bad anymore! Must be fine for you…

Or so I thought. The next morning, the hives were back worse than ever. Itching like crazy! Doc gave me a stronger steroid, and I had to take that and Benedryll for the next two weeks, leaving me in a terrible haze of dizziness, headache, and nausea – all mixed together with a strangely huge appetite. You’d think that’d be the end of it, but the hits just kept on coming. And this just raised a mystery: was I allergic to the penicillin or the paint?

Returning to the dentist to finish my root canal, I figured I might as well get my long-overdue schedule cleaning. In that process, they found two more deep cavities that “might also have to become root canals.” Great. Both had formed behind old fillings (like the first), so there was little I could have done about them. That evening, one of said fillings broke off, leaving a big scratchy hole in one side of my mouth to go along with the scratchy temporary crown on the other. Having the cavities filled in the end was actually more miserable than the root canal in the first place.

All that and I lost $65 at my first poker game of the year. I think I’m back to normal now, and I’m incredibly grateful for wonderful care. On the bright side, I have a great excuse to never paint again.


Linear Growth

Why is it that each new driver’s license I get reveals a man ten pounds heavier than his younger self? I’ll grant you that I’m glad I no longer weigh the 135 I enjoyed in high school, but I’m hoping this trend will end now.

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Those Aren’t Hickeys

Worst Case Paintball Results

My bachelor party is this Saturday, and I couldn’t be more excited. While we’re generally a tame bunch when it comes to this sort of thing, you’d be hard-pressed to a more fun bunch. We’ll spend the day playing paintball and dodgeball, enjoy a nice dinner and cocktails, and finish it off with a poker tournament. I’m due for a win.

At any rate, talking about bachelor party paintball (a tradition among us), got Ryan and I reminiscing about an infamous match played at Anthony’s bachelor party. When I play, I get fully geared up: full camo in battle dress, gloves, even a cup. No skin exposed, except for perhaps a small strip of neck between my collar and the mask. Practically an impossible spot to hit, especially the way I move.

Practically. Sure enough, a game or two in to it, I got blasted in the neck. A huge welt arose. I was pissed, but oh well. It couldn’t happen again right? Wrong. It happened again, in the very next game – hitting me with almost perfect symmetry.

I’m glad I’ve recalled that for you. Now that it’s out there, I can feel good about it: there’s no way it could happen again, right?

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Weekend Lessons

Lessons I learned this weekend:

  1. If you’ve been drinking… especially gravity-fed, upside-down margaritas in a barber chair right before a fast spin in said barber chair… driving around on a gas-powered scooter, AKA Zooma, is not a good idea. If you’re lucky, you’ll only get some road rash.
  2. No matter how sincerely she promises to not get angry or upset if things don’t go exactly how she imagined them, never cut your girlfriend’s hair. I knew it was a bad idea before I cut, and that was confirmed before the last hair hit the floor. On the other hand, it was fun, and her hair has already been complimented today!
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So I’m watching Delicatessen, an earlier film by the director of Amélie (one of my favorites). In one scene, a tenant who is late on his rent is showing the landlord (and butcher) the new things he has to trade for his late dues. Here’s where the weirdest coincidence of my life happened:

The first thing the tenant pulls out is a non-sensical looking device. The landlord asks, “What’s that?”

The tenant says, “It’s a rat call. This is the female version. It attracts male rats.” He begins playing it, and it makes a funny sound.

At this exact moment, a mouse appeared in my living room, having just made it’s way out of my kitchen. Crazy.

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I’ve posted a few random recent photos from the past month or so. I spent a weekend in Chicago with little sister, where we rocked out at the Strokes concert and got sick at Six Flags. I can’t go on rides anymore without getting sick! Does this mean I’m getting old? Is there a cure (for either the aging or the motion-sickness)?

The other shots are from a small, three-way 30th birthday dinner at Rossi’s for Ryan, Jason, and me. Fun times, despite the fact that I was wearing a full pint of beer within two minutes of my arrival.

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I’m also pleased to report that my new job is going rather
well. I leave for Colombia in eight days, so watch this space for what
I hope will be another bunch of lovely photographs.

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In other news, I recently broke my left collarbone. It really
hurt. A lot. But even as I could feel the pain through three shots of
morphine, I was chillin’ in the ER and laughing with Marc – who always
said he’d take me to the hospital some day. As I noticed the overdosed
teenagers and gunshot victims around me, I was pretty grateful for my
relative good health.

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