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Lutsen 4582

Finally got back on my snowboard for the first time in two years. Failing a real trip our west, Anthony and I spent last weekend tearing up Lutsen. I have low expectations of “the mountain” after my previous adventures there. I’ve been there at least three other times, during which I experienced mind-numbing cold (highs of -20), incredible warmth (for December – lows in the 40s), and pea-soup-thick fog (couldn’t see 30 feet in front of you).

As a result, I’ve never been able to experience what Lutsen has to offer. This trip was totally different. The snow was decent (although far from wonderful), and the weather was amazing. Not a cloud in the sky, no fog, no wind, and perfect temperatures – always between 12 and 15.

So it was nice to learn that one can actually have a good ride. There are lots of decent runs, and they’re just long enough to make it worth it. The lifts are slow, but the lift lines are quite short (especially if you can ride on a weekday). We were pleasantly sore after each day. Unfortunately, it felt like a good warm up for a trip to the Wasatch or Rockies, and it really made me miss snowboarding. The day after our trip I was just sad without it.

Incidentally, if you’re ever in Lutsen or near Grand Marais, I highly recommend dining at the Birch Terrace Supper Club. Delicious!

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