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Looks like I’m a Flickr convert after all. For those that don’t know, Flickr is a great web site for management and sharing of your photo library. It’s great for simply managing your own photo collection, but the social aspects of it are very interesting as fun as well. You can keep your pics completely private, share them with just your friends and family, or flaunt them to the world.

My personal collection is almost entirely up, with the rest of 2005 & 2006 to follow soon. Besides that main page, there are other ways to browse my library:

With a Pro account, I get unlimited storage and archiving of all my full resolution images, so if you’re among my friends and family, you can create your own free Flickr account and order prints of any of my photos. Or posters or mugs or stamps! Now you won’t have to wait until I’ve been president and dead for decades.

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