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Man Law #1

Bowling 03

Tim and I had lunch plans yesterday with a third party who we’ll call “Terrence.” That morning, we were informed by “Terrence” that he would not be able to attend said lunch because he needed to fit a haircut appointment in to his schedule.

We were nothing short of appalled. How is it that we are a lower priority than his hairdresser? I felt violated. In hopes of validating our pain, we sought an impartial perspective.

Ryan came through with a very wise Man Law: “Haircuts fit in around your schedule, not vice versa.”

Thank you, Ryan. Turns out that “Terrence” had several other legitimate reasons for skipping lunch; it just wasn’t a good day for him. Not sure why he picked the worse reason possible to tell us. My friends (and I) are ruthless hyenas. Melt some plastic or slightly overcook a pancake, and you’ll hear about it for the rest of your life. I’m guessing this will come up again too.

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