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Home Ownership Lesson

File this under “Good Things to Know if You Own a Home”

Never store grass seed in plastic bags in your garage for the winter!

I took advantage of the today’s relative warmth by getting lots of stuff done around the house. Near the top of my list was cleaning the garage. I opened one of the cabinets above the workbench, and I was very confused to see grass seed, plant food and shredded paper all over the place. Even more confusing was all the crumpled up paper spilling out of my crumpled up leaf-blower bag. Very explanatory and startling was the mouse that popped its head out the bag to see where all that light was coming from.

When I finally went back and opened the cabinet again (with my golf club), several mice scampered off. I gave the leaf bag a few pokes with my pitching wedge, and even more ran out. I contemplated leaving it, but soon enough my to-do list was topped by “remove the mouse nest from my property.” I wish I had taken pictures, but the only thing on my mind was getting rid of that mess. It looked and smelled like an unmaintained hamster playground. Gross!

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