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PRK: Day 3

Back at work today. I was able to drive to the doctor today without much problem. It was not necessarily comfortable though. The morning was very sunny, which my constantly-dilated right eye does not like. I’m also driving with somewhat compromised vision. It’s glasses on (and therefore perfect vision) in my left eye with my right eye shut, which compromised depth perception. Or sunglasses on, uncorrected left eye, and improving right eye. This gives me better depth perception and seems to yield the safest driving. My doctor agrees (and also confirms that I have driving-legal vision).

He took the contact out this morning, which did not provide the big gasping relief I thought it might. In fact, for most of the morning afterward, my eye hurt worse than it had in the last day or so. That tapered off, and after my noon eye drop cocktail, I’m feeling as good as ever.

I have noticeably improved vision in my right eye, but nowhere near the end goal. Dr. Croissant is happy with the progress, and things look to be on track for my left eye surgery on Friday.

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  1. Carmen Carmen

    Congratulations on your eye surgery. Sounds very exciting. Is your doctor’s name really Dr. Croissant?

  2. Thanks! Although perhaps we should hold the congrats until all is said, done, and well. Yes, he’s really Dr. Croissant. And to repeat my lame joke, he can be a bit flaky, but Dr. Scone crumbles under pressure and Dr. Muffin is only good from the shoulders up

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