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PRK: Day 780

I had PRK surgery done two years ago, and my vision has been fantastic. I’ve generally been pretty comfortable, but every once in a while I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and my eyelids will be stuck to my eyes. Opening them quickly before I realize this is then very painful.

It happened again early Sunday morning and my right eye still stings today. I saw Dr. Croissant (his real name), and he explained that it’s not uncommon and nothing to worry about. I have a “recurrent abrasion.” My eyes are dry, and small areas of my cornea are not totally healed since the PRK procedure; this is normal. The dryness makes my lids stick to those healing parts of the cornea and then pull them off. I’ll be using a salve at night for a while to keep the eyes lubricated until they full heal.

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  1. Hey – I think I remember this from A Clockwork Orange!

  2. Dr. Croissant!! I would be unable to sit through an appointment with him w/o making some smartass remark…

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