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message sectionOffset sent to freed object

Pardon the relatively technical post, but I want to document this problem somewhere in hopes that it saves someone the frustration it caused me.

I’ve been experimenting with iPhone development lately. For the most part, it’s been a fun learning process despite the quirks that Xcode, IB, and Obj-C throw at an MS developer. Objective-C is, at worst, a 20-year-old hack that follows few conventions established by most other OO languagues.

My most recent lesson has been adapting my project to use Core Data for persistence. Early on, I kept receiving the error “message sectionOffset sent to freed object” when trying to load a connected table.

I found the solution nowhere online, and the exception is not at all helpful. For me, the problem was that I was trying to access the FetchedResultsController before performFetch had been called. Adding performFetch to my viewDidLoad fixed the issue, and I was on my way. My iPhone app is on its way.

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  1. Ladd Ladd



    Thanks a bunch! Now I’m on my way again after several VERY frustrating hours!!!


  2. Awesome, Ladd. Glad I could help.

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