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Weekend Lessons

Lessons I learned this weekend:

  1. If you’ve been drinking… especially gravity-fed, upside-down margaritas in a barber chair right before a fast spin in said barber chair… driving around on a gas-powered scooter, AKA Zooma, is not a good idea. If you’re lucky, you’ll only get some road rash.
  2. No matter how sincerely she promises to not get angry or upset if things don’t go exactly how she imagined them, never cut your girlfriend’s hair. I knew it was a bad idea before I cut, and that was confirmed before the last hair hit the floor. On the other hand, it was fun, and her hair has already been complimented today!

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  1. Jege Jege

    #1 is dangerous, but #2 is downright suicidal.

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