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I eagerly jumped on the Wii bandwagon on Friday, luckily finding one through a coworker after a month of looking. It’s a neat system. I still haven’t been able to tear myself from World of Warcraft long enough to get in to Zelda, much to my surprise, but I’m rather addicted to Wii Bowling. I enjoy the baseball as well. The Tennis is fun, but I’m bothered by the degree to which swinging the Wii Remote differs from actually swinging a Tennis Racket. Perhaps I’ll get over it, but I think it points to what I like about bowling and baseball, swinging the Wii Remote in those games more closely mirrors the actions of those sports. Nitpicking. It’s all fun.

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  1. Ryan Ryan

    You’ve got to post those Mii’s to Flickr, take a picture of the TV screen if you need to.

  2. That’s an idea. I’m not sure I have mine perfected yet. The Mii Dylan is my favorite. You’ll have to pop over early on Saturday and make one of you before I do.

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