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Nick Curran

I’m IrishColombian Minnesotan forever enjoying my extremely late twenties, born in Edina and raised in the suburbs of West Saint Paul and Mendota Heights. My early education was found in the finest public schools of the area. After high school, I studied at the University of Minnesota, graduating from their Carlson School of Management with a BSB in MIS. I’ve also earned an MS in Software Engineering from the University of St. Thomas.

In my career, I’ve been employed as a software engineer in a wide variety of industries. These days I serve as US Director of Development at MentorMate, where I lead our US developers and specialize in iOS and Android platforms. MentorMate is a mobile and web development and design agency, and it’s an all-around great place to work. In addition, a couple of friends and I have started a small company, Sail POS Solutions. Sail creates a complete restaurant management system with a state-of-the-art hand-held POS running on iOS and Windows.


Wondering what TCOB stands for? Taking Care of Business!

I registered on February 20, 2000 while watching a Seinfeld rerun after work. Kramer was up to his usual shenanigans, and Jerry asked him what he was doing. “TCB,” was the response. Against his better judgment, Jerry asked what that stood for, and Kramer proudly responded, “Takin’ Care of Business.” I had wanted a catchy domain name of my own for a while, and sounded perfect. I looked it up, certain that it would be taken. Of course it was, but I decided to try… just in case.

Amazingly, it was available. I jumped on it. At the time, four-letter domain names were impossible to find. And they continue to be, especially if they might stand for something memorable. Certainly any common word or acronym is taken.

TCB was Elvis’s motto, and who can forget the classic BTO tune/Office Depot advertising campaign? Anyway, I like having People have expressed interest in purchasing it over the years, while everything is certainly for sale, I have yet to hear a worthy offer.

This site resides at the wonderful Dreamhost, thanks to Patrick‘s recommendation. They have fantastic service (super fast and polite), a really nice control panel for your site, seemingly 100% uptime, and the widest set of features and access that I’ve seen – all very clean and well put together. I had been on Dominet for a while, but their service varied and uptime was spotty. I had a decent experience at GoDaddy as well, but they don’t have nearly the level of access or features that Dreamhost does, and their control panel sucked. Dreamhost isn’t always the fastest, but it’s certainly fast enough. Oh, and they’re green, too!

I use WordPress to run the web site, my favorite blogging tool by far. It has a great UI, it’s really easy to use and setup, it’s open source, and it has a huge community of users and developers, so it’s always improving. I’ve tried MovableType, which was pretty good if a bit slow and not as elegant as WordPress; to be fair, I’m sure it’s improved a ton since I used it last. I’ve also tried Blosxom – yuck. OK, it was cool at the time, but it was not fun to use and didn’t seem to see much support or development.

The Infamous Nick Curran

A Google search for me might lead you to, or it might lead to other, less savory individuals. While the main (male) character in the American classic Basic Instinct was also named Nick Curran, similarities between his story and mine are purely coincidental.